Jamie Snow


Jamie graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Master of Physical Therapy after first completing a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Victoria. Since his graduation, Jamie has taken courses in acupuncture/dry needling, spinal manipulation, orthopaedic physiotherapy, and movement dysfunction in order to continually progress as a physical therapist.

Jamie’s approach to treatment involves an in depth assessment to not only determine the tissue that has been injured, but also the true source of the issue. Once the source of the problem is found, Jamie works together with the client to determine the best course of treatment for recovery. In treatment, Jamie utilizes a combination of education, manual therapy, movement retraining, exercise therapy and acupuncture/dry needling to treat the area of injury while also working towards correcting the source of the dysfunction.

Jamie’s interest in physiotherapy evolved along side his own passion for sports. As an avid skier and someone who has always been involved in basketball, baseball, football and hockey, he experienced many of the injuries that people commonly seek out physiotherapy treatment for. As a result, he has an intimate knowledge of how to best treat and correct the issues he sees in his clinical practice.

Jamie has had the opportunity to work with a broad range of clients; from professional skiers, mountain bikers, hockey players and weekend warriors, to those suffering from postural dysfunction or office injuries. Jamie enjoys working with anyone who is in need, has the desire to improve function and the motivation to do so.

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jamie snow