Clinical Pilates Training*

This service may be covered as physiotherapy service for a limited number of private sessions and therefore tax free. Tax is applicable when delivered as a fitness program after physiotherapy program is completed whether private or in group training.

Reformer, Chair, Ladder, Trapeze table/Cadillac, Spine Corrector, Fletcher towel work and small equipment.

Introductory Fitness Package: 4 private sessions: 55 minutes $340**
Prepaid Private Fitness Package: 10 private sessions : 55 minutes $900**
Private Session: 55 minutes $95**
Semi Private Duet session (2 students): 55 minutes $45**/person
Groups: Term based prepaid reformer/chair/barrel/spine corrector $30**/person
Mat Class: Term based $20**/class /one class a week. 2 classes a week $18**

Open Studio

This is a customized program for established clients who wish to work out on the equipment independently at designated times in the studio.
Click here or more details.
10 session pass $160** ($16 per session)
20 session pass $280 ** ($14 per session)

Cancellation Policy
24 hr cancellation policy – Any cancellations for Monday appointments must be made by 12 pm on the Saturday prior

*Tax exempt
**Tax applicable
***May be covered as a physiotherapy service


Services: Joint and spine mobilization and manipulation, postural and muscle imbalance assessment and treatment, Intramuscular Stimulation (I.M.S ), western acupuncture, women’s health including internal technique, real time ultrasound ( RTUS ) for core and pelvic floor evaluation and treatment, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, private Iyengar yoga instruction, Clinical Pilates.

60 minute appointment $150*
45 minute appointment $115*
30 minute appointment $80*

Physiotherapy rates INCLUDE :
* Provision of needles and all supplies needed for IMS/Acupuncture,
* Kinesio taping and / or other taping as needed.
* Real Time Ultrasound Core Assessment.
* Video taping of your exercise programs.
* Any and all photos of your exercise work.
* Emails, letters, reports or phone calls to you, your physicians, and coaches after our business hours.

Reiki Sessions

$80 for one 60 minute session*
$300 for a package of 4 x 60 minute sessions ($75/session)*
$420 for a package of 6 x 60 minute sessions ($70/session)*

Registered Massage Therapy

30 minute appointment $60**
45 minute appointment $85**
60 minute appointment $110**
90 minute appointment $155**

Specialized Classes

Pre/post natal, post surgical spine fusion, discectomy, cancer rehab, Scoliosis, Osteporosis, Parkinsons, MS, sport specific and pre-surgical rehabilitation.

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