If you are keen to learn ONE simple life changing technique to change your body’s own stress response, (in as little as 5 minutes! ) You must read Dr Herbert Benson’s new book titled “ Relaxation Revolution. Enhancing your Personal Health through the Science and Genetics of Mind Body Healing “.

Dr Herbert Benson ‘s first book “ The Relaxation Response “ (1975) was one of the most an inspirational books I read as a 17 year old first year physiotherapy student..
This book was one of the first mainstream medical books documenting his studies into how the simple act of breathing with mindfulness can change the physiology of our cells, lower blood pressure and heart rate as well as increase serotonin the brain hormone responsible for feelings of calm and well being.
His techniques teach us how to “ turn off “ the overused “ fight or flight “ (sympathetic) side of our nervous system and” turn on “ the calming side (parasympathetic). This ability allows our bodies to recover and heal from not just daily stress but the accumulated stresses of years which in many cases have manifested in cancers, inflammatory diseases etc .

In the 25 years since this first book was published, he has founded the Center for mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital Boston producing an impressive body of research validating this empowering and non pharmaceutical tool that lies within each of us, just waiting for us to discover it and make it our own as a basic tool for day to day self care.

His new book reviews the research to date as well as powerful new findings which show that managing our own stress responses not only can treat and prevent illness but also has the possibility to change our genetic expression.
Dr Benson is saying based on his findings, that in effect that keeping our own “ fight / flight “ response as low as possible can determine whether or not certain genes that we may be carrying, would ever actually show up in our bodies in our lifetime…this is a huge piece of information which needs our attention as individuals but also that of our physicians and politicians .The preventive potential of this work is vast.

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