Michael Tengco

Physiotherapist Assistant / Pilates Instructor

Michael completed his Doctor of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne, Australia, following the completion of his Bachelor of Science – Kinesiology at Dalhousie University.

Being heavily involved in sports as a player, coach and a sports trainer, Michael was always had an enthusiatic attitude to the body’s movement and repair process which initially led him to pursue he studies in Physiotherapy. It wasn’t till after completing his physiotherapy degree in Melbourne, Australia, that Michael was introduced to Pilates and the valuable benefits that it provides.

He became fully immersed in Pilates and it’s ability to address multiple health and movement components. As a result, he has pursued further development in Pilates teacher training and uses Pilates to help individuals reach fitness goals as well as rehabilitation goals.

Through his studies and own personal experiences, Michael began to further develop his understanding of optimal health and wellness and is a firm believer of treating not only the injury, but treating the individual to achieve total wellbeing.

Outside the clinic, Michael is a sports enthusiast in particular, an avid basketball fan and tries to play as often as possible. You can also find him on the mat as he enjoys his own yoga and pilates practice. He is also a coffee enthusiast and you will see him throughout the city looking for the best coffee!

As Michael awaits to complete his physiotherapy board exam, He will be providing Pilates rehabilitation and fitness services.

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