Three years ago I was a fit active 23 year old when I was in a car accident that has left me with chronic debilitating neck pain. I have seen multiple doctors/specialists, chiropractors, RMTs, physiotherapists, and the list goes on. I have always been “flexible,” and since I retained my flexibility after the accident, many doctors took this as a sign that I had no injuries, and so quickly the pain I suffered from daily was dismissed and undiagnosed. I was no longer playing sports, going to the gym, skiing, surfing, or hiking, I spent most days lying on the couch, exhausted from the soreness.

I saw little to no progress for three years and was really beginning to struggle with the mental side of long-term injury. It was when I began researching various approaches to treating chronic injuries that Google introduced me to Trimetrics. When I first came to Trimetrics four months ago, I was fatigued, unhappy, sleep deprived and in pain. Within the first thirty minutes of meeting Siobhan, she discovered that I have joint hyper mobility syndrome, a diagnosis that has drastically changed my treatment plan.

We have focused on releasing my overtight muscles, strengthening my weak muscles, relieving pain and realigning the pelvis to promote healing. Understanding the type of body I have has made a huge difference to my recovery and fitness. Thanks to my new treatment plan, I have noticed an immense reduction in pain, improvement in my sleep pattern and an increase in strength that has allowed me to introduce my much-loved physical activities back into my life. Moreover, the positive and supportive approach that physiotherapists Siobhan and Niamh consistently deliver has helped me become optimistic and confident during this healing process.

After years of several debilitating experiences with misaligned pelvis and unsuccessful treatments my family doctor, Dr Zeineddin, referred me to see Siobhan O’Connell at Trimetrics Physio who she said was “ the best “.

Siobhan assessed me thoroughly and I was made aware that these repeated incidents were caused by my general body hypermobility, with particular laxity in my right sacroiliac (SI) joint. I underwent a series of treatments on and off to stabilize my spine and build my core strength.These were partially successful but ultimately Siobhan recommended that I explore prolotherapy for a more long-term solution and my doctor made the referral to rheumatologist, Dr. Jean Gillies.

I have since been treated with a course of prolotherapy in conjunction with my physio program and have recovered remarkably well. My program of core strength with my stable pelvis allows me to do everything I was previously unable to do (including flying / travelling to see my family) For this successful collaboration between Siobhan’s treatment and my doctors I am most grateful.

I have every confidence when I refer a patient to Trimetrics. The front desk staff are professional & friendly. The physiotherapy assessments are thorough and specific to each patient.  The Pilates program is one of a kind: rehabilitation focused with attention to detail instruction to avoid injury & produce long term results.

Trimetrics – a 5 star experience! My experience at Trimetrics is from the dual perspective of both physician and patient. having worked as a family physician on the North Shore for twenty five years, I have referred countless of satisfied patients for physiotherapy. Siobhan O’Connell has an amazing ability to connect with her patients offering a combination of superb diagnostic skills, a wealth of information generously shared in an easily digested format.She has a team of experienced and skilled caring physiotherapists and Pilates instructors who work seamlessly together. When I developed my own lower back problems in 2008 I called Siobhan immediately. She and her team treated me through my acute post operative phases and guided me in  my long term rehabilitation with manual therapy , IMS and Clinical Pilates. I am now back to my activities and continue to practice Pilates on a regular basis. I recommend Trimetrics Physiotherapy most highly.

My family doctor referred me to Kirsten Stalberg at Trimetics because I was suffering from extreme urinary incontinence and he could not help me (I was up several times at night to urinate, as well as numerous times throughout the day, ALWAYS felt that I had to urinate, and had severe leakage). My treatment, which included various techniques, was  easy, educational and produced results very quickly.  The results are that I now sleep through the night or get up just once to urinate, have leakage VERY seldom (only if I eat or drink something that i’ve learned aggravates my bladder), and I urinate infrequently. Today I  have sanity (as am getting more sleep) and joy back in my life, thanks to the life changing treatment I ‘ve received from Kirsten at Trimetics.

After years of searching for help, I am finally getting proper treatment at Trimetrics.  The one to one sessions, along with compassionate helpful therapy, continuing with clinical Pilates, with superb instructors. I now have hope to feel normal, after a car accident.  This place is so different from other Physiotherapy.  Thank you, Siobhan, Kay, Romney, and all the others at Trimetrics.

I have been one of  Siobhan’s MS patients, for over five years. The expertise, professionalism, and kindness that I receive from Siobhan and all of the physiotherapists and staff at the clinic is second to none. The multidisciplinary team aspect of the clinic is extraordinary for someone with a disability such as mine, with so many different physical problems to resolve, the physiotherapists, acupuncturists/IMS specialists team up and manage any issues that arise.

I was referred to Trimetrics as a physiotherapy option when I was going through diagnostic tests for crippling back pain last November. It was immediately obvious that Siobhan was very knowledgeable and experienced with what I was going through. Education about my problem and special exercises, along with a large dose of caring, kept me centered through the next few months. An MRI showed L4-L5 spondylethesis and a large synovial cyst compressing my L leg nerve roots. More months were needed to get to a spinal surgeon, referred for injections, and to a surgical date. Sounds extreme, but I don’t know if I would have made it without my ongoing appointments with pilates-based physiotherapy. Even through pain and disability, I could feel the difference. When my surgeon gave me the go-ahead to start physio and swimming to strengthen my core after surgery, Kirsten, as another Trimetrics life-saver, got me going again – I experienced no set-backs, loss of function, fear of pain, etc as I would have expected after such surgery. I can’t thank you enough, Trimetrics team, because a year later, I’m described as making “a remarkable recovery”.

I would like to share me experience about my back pain troubles with all sufferers for their benefits. Since about 40 years I had increasing pain, daily with bouts where I had to lie on the floor in the office. No relief was in sight, even with treatment, exercise, inversion tables etc. My diagnosis looked like this, based on a MRI done several years ago:

History : low back pain worsening over the years.Much decreased function
Technique : Sag T2,T1, Ax T2 weighted images
Findings : There are 5 lumbar vertebral bodies wirh desiccation of all the lumbar discs with relative sparing of L3-4
At L2-3  there is a posterior disc bulging with minimal inferior bilateral foraminal narrowing.
At L4-5 there is a more exaggerated posterior disc bulging with superimposed on moderate facet arthropathy and ligamentum flavum redundancy. The finding result in mild central canal encroachment and encroachment on the traversing L5 nerve roots.
At L5- S1 ther is significant facet arthropathy and mild anterolisthesis of L5 on S1. There is moderate foraminal stenosis that results.
Impression : Lumbar spondylosis.

Then my doctor sent me to Trimetrics and my improvement started a short time after. Now I am there weekly and I cannot recommend this service enough, it is a tremendous relief to me and it is the first real sign of improvement since 40 years. Thanks Siobhan and dedicated crew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya all!

I have been at Trimetrics for nearly five years, for both Physiotherapy and Pilates, and cannot believe the difference it has made to my life;  I had a serious back injury early in life and never thought I would be without pain, but with incredible pilates instructors and an amazing physiotherapist I am a strong senoir citizen!!

Following my total hip replacement surgery, I was committed to an accelerated recovery by adhering to the suggested home exercise routines. Finding that just the post op hospital program focused on my surgical hip mainly with no detail to my spine, other hip and general conditioning.  I also took advantage of the recommended physiotherapy sessions with Siobhan O’Connell, which led me to continue with the Pilates classes also offered by Trimetrics. There is no doubt in my mind that Pilates helped me fully recover my mobility and by continuing with the classes for the past four years I feel I am in much better condition than many men younger than my 73 years of age.

After many years of searching for a cure for my aching shoulders, upper and lower back pain and hypermobility issues, I am thrilled to say I am now pain free! Pilates has changed my life.  It has gently corrected my posture, opened and strengthened my entire body like no other therapy I have tried, allowing me to finally become pain free! I only wish I would have found pilates sooner!  I highly recommend it. Thanks Siobhan!

Following an accident in 2012 I had major reconstructive surgery to my right shoulder. My doctor suggested physiotherapy starting 2 weeks after surgery. I was treated by Siobhan O’Connell at Trimetrics and the results were fantastic. Within 10 weeks I had my range of motion back and I was completely pain free. I followed us this treatment with 8 Sessions of Pilates. I have lost weight, strengthened my core and have not felt better in years. I would recommend Siobhan and her great staff unconditionally. They are real pros.

An accident left me struggling to reclaim my full range of mobility and activity. Years of “Chiro” and Massage-therapy alone wasn’t enough to address the underlying issues and over time had a cascading effect on my health. Trimetrics helped me to finally break out of this cycle by providing more of a proactive solution: core strength training directed together with varying forms of therapy. If you are willing to do the work the results are liberating.

About 3 years ago after 6 months of struggling to recover from disc surgery and feeling very low I started coming to Trimetrics  and what a wonderful difference it has made to my well being. I started with physio when Siobhan explained why my spine had not recovered,the impact of my pelvic malalignment and how my core system works,none of which was shared with me by my surgeon or on the post op exercise sheet I was given at the hospital.
After some very productive physio sessions I was able to progress within a short time to  one on one clinical pilates woth an experienced Pilates instructor where I got a much better. and quickly. From there I moved on to the group  clinical pilates classes which are still  highly individualized – usually 3 to a class – never more. The instructors I have worked with have all been knowledgeable and helpful, they take the time to explain what’s going on and check to make sure you are correctly doing your moves. This attention and expertise makes all the difference in getting positive results. A heartfelt thankyou to Siobhan and her team for providing such good care and results.

In 7 years I have trained for and taken part in multiple biking events, a marathon and numerous duathlons and triathlons. As a result of the training I experienced various acute and chronic muscle injuries, in particular calf and Achilles strains plus lower left back pain. I have needed very regular physio, (IMS, ultrasound, manual therapy in order to get through the training and compete in the event.
Following training sessions I would often stand in Deep Cove water for 20 minutes (freezing!), just to get my muscles to relax. I would often experience back, calf and Achilles stiffness when getting out of bed in the morning or moving around after sitting still for a period of time. My daily stretching and regular Pilates practice remained the same.
Four months ago I started my Posturology realignment treatment using Posturology tools and simple eye exercises, prescribed by Siobhan, tailored to my personal specific postural asymmetries.
To my delight and relief, I was now able to continue to train for, and successfully complete two Olympic triathlons without ANY injuries. My training schedule remains similar to last year’s intensity yet in the past 4 months I have NOT experienced calf or Achilles injuries, I have much reduced back pain. Further I have also noticed no post training back, calf and Achilles stiffness in the morning or after sitting which were regular issues for me.
I have maintained my regular Pilates practice and light stretching and I have not needed any other treatment to continue training injury free. Whilst my race times may not be faster yet, my recovery time has improved, I am pain free and this in turn allows me to train harder toward improving my times!

“For the past 3 years, I had been suffering from constant daily headaches. 3 weeks ago, Siobhan provided me with special insoles, eye exercises and a magnet to wear on my temple to ease eye muscle tension. A few days later, I felt relief from my chronic headaches, resulting in less fatigue and no 3-hour naps during the afternoon. Now, I get twice as much done during the day now that I’m not suffering from headaches.”

Thank you again Siobhan!

Bob has had poor posture since childhood. He has some diabetic neuropathy in his feet and his close up vision is quite poor. In the last 18 months, he has had a compression fracture at L4/5, a kyphoplasty at L5, a total hip replacement on the left side due to OA and was never a very active person as a professional geological engineer before all this happened!! In the post op recovery phase (age 69) the challenges were building stamina, managing pain, and dealing with the contracted muscles, especially bilateral hip flexors and quads. We had tried water therapy, physiotherapy, walking, IMS, and a gym program. It was hard to isolate whether the issue was spine in origin or a residual stiffness from the hip replacement.

With the Posturology treatment, Bob’s posture is improved (not perfect, but its changing), his stamina is improving with every walk (he can now walk 2 kms with some up and down hill walking included), and his quad pain is lessened and continues to improve with every walk. The speed of his walking now is almost cardio compared to the slow unstable pattern he had before using his Posturology tools (insoles, eye magnet, essential oils for his spine and hip scars) and his eye exercises. The internal rotation of his left leg is also corrected. He must wear his shoes with Posturology insoles in the house for most of the day or his pain and stiffness return. His balance is also much better. The biggest plus is the return of his self-confidence and my ( his wife’s) ability to loosen the restrictions and the constant monitoring.

A comment…we included the essential oils for his left hip and spine scars, in week #2 of his treatment. The addition of the oil treatment has made a huge difference in his improvement.

We are to date very impressed and happy with the results of Posturology treatment provided by Siobhan. We are both enjoying the gains, physically and emotionally in quality of life that we could not get with other forms of physical therapy. These had their place, but did not produce the quality of results we now see in his overall mobility, fitness, pain relief, balance and stability.