Acupuncture Services at Trimetrics

acupuntureWe are pleased to offer 3 different styles of acupuncture at Trimetrics.

1.Traditional Chinese Acupuncture .
This form of acupuncture is based on the traditional Chinese meridian system which recognizes the intrinsic energy system which resides in the human body.It addresses energy imbalances in the body which may manifest as stress, fatigue, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances etc. It is sometimes combined with Traditional Chinese herbs which support and enhance the work of the acupuncture.

This service is provided by Jane Alpen ( Forster ) Lic.Acup.
Please check with your Extended Benefit provider for coverage.

2. Western Acupuncture.
This form of acupuncture addresses joint,ligament,muscle disc,nerve pain associated with injury,trauma and degeneration.It is performed in conjunstion with standard physiotherapy treatments ( joint mobilization /manipulation ,myofacsial release exercise therapy etc.

It is provided by Registered Physiotherapists  Kirsten Stalberg and Cathy Watson who are licenced by the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada ( A.F.C.I ).As an integral part of physiotherapy service it is covered by Extended Benefit Plans.

3 Intramuscular Stimulation ( I.M.S )
This is a form of needling created by Dr Chan Gun who licences only Registered Physiotherapists ,medical doctors and dentists to perfom it.

It is used to address “ neuropathic “ pain which if often felt in the body as chronic deep muscle tightness,due to injury or longstanding postural imbalances.
Please visit his website for full details.
It is provided by Registered Physiotherpists Carolyn Bliss, Suzanne Rodzoniak and Kirsten Stalberg.As ain integral physiotherapy service it is covered under Extended Benefit plans.