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Learn to Meditate!

Learn to Meditate! Siobhan offering one to one sessions ( Chopra Primordial Sound Meditation ) for stress and pain management with group classes to come in October 2017.

Special Event – Zili

Many of you will know local family physician Dr Maryam Zeiniddin. She has created a new health initiative called ZILI. Zili is the future of personalized preventive health care in Canada and around the globe. She is launching it on June 3 2017 with a one-day Women’s Health Prevention conference featuring a host of local […]

Fun weekend with Core Align!

We had the pleasure of an excellent 2 day workshop with Lynn Schorn, Reg Physiotherapist, Pilates teacher from Balanced Body: This equipment offers our patients a wide range of very different core training including standing spine rotation so useful injury rehab for tennis, golf and hockey.


We are delighted to be able to offer a generous 15 spaces between lower and upper levels (free!). We would respectfully ask that you take the time to park carefully since it happens quite often, likely with being rushed, some vehicles are actually taking up 2 spots by part of their vehicle crossing the parking […]

Staff News – Sue Noble

Sue Noble B.SC(Hons) Psychology Balanced Body Mat, Reformer, Apparatus and Core Align Training Pilates has been life changing for Sue, after sustaining a hip and arm injury, Sue began a course of treatment at Trimetrics and found that through Physiotherapy and Pilates she was able to regain her active outdoor life style, especially running. So […]

Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS) at Trimetrics : The benefits for therapists and our patients!

Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS) at Trimetrics : The benefits for therapists and our patients! For the past 2 years our physiotherapists have loved the information that our ultrasound studies have yielded about what is actually happening in our patients’ abdominal, pelvic floor and deep spine muscle systems. This information has greatly improved the precision of […]

Dr Stuart McGill – Why Everyone Needs Core Training

Why Everyone needs Core Training Stuart McGill I have been working with back pained people and high performance athletes for over 30 years. If I were asked to choose the single most influential variable that links pain and performance enhancement, it would be an underperforming core. Why is this? What is the core? Core stiffness […]

Pilates Training for Parkinson’s disease Management

Pilates Training for Parkinson’s disease Management Exercise is a powerful therapeutic intervention for movement and coordination disorders. Although the neuroscience of exercises and its use for rehabilitation for Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders is still in its relative infancy, here are already a few very convincing reasons why you should be trying some exercises. What […]

Dance Medicine

Dance Medicine is the scientific study of dance and dancers, as well as the practical application of scientific principles to dance. Its aims are the enhancement of performance, the reduction of injury, and the improvement of well-being and health. Typically, the subject areas within dance science are similar to those studied in “sports science”, though […]

Concussion Facts and Treatment

Concussion Facts and Treatment. What is a concussion? A concussion (also called a mild traumatic brain injury) occurs following a rapid acceleration to the head and neck, the brain moves in the skull causing shearing or stretching of the neurons (brain cells). A concussion can occur as a result of direct a fall or blow […]

We have a Defibrillator !

We have a Cardiac Defibrillator and we are not afraid to use it ! Staff recently got trained on this super easy to use,life saving device. Our instructor called it ” the idiot box !” because of its ease of application to a person in cardiac arrest … leads are applied..it reads the heart rythm […]

Pelvic Floor Strength and Conditioning Program

If you have recently given birth, had pelvic or abdominal surgery or suffer from incontinence that affects your daily activities and fitness this 3 week targeted program is for you! This research based 3 week program includes: * A 60 minute pelvic floor, spine assessment and Real Time Ultrasound evaluation of your core and pelvic […]

The Benefits of Massage Therapy During and After Pregnancy

Massage therapy is most effective when treating discomfort during and after pregnancy. The changes that occur during pregnancy affect most systems of the body and can result in problems such as backache, leg cramps and emotional adjustments. These symptoms can start during the first few weeks of pregnancy and can last for months or years […]

Waterworks Demystified! A Workshop for Women

Waterworks Demystified! A Workshop for Women Date : Sunday February 24 Time : 11:00 – 12:30 pm You are invited to a dynamic, interactive workshop for women to explain the pelvic floor muscle system and what happens to the body when it does not work as well as it should! Using 3D iPad anatomy images, […]

Salamba Sarvangasana – The Mother of Asanas

During a past yoga class at Trimetrics, preparing the students for a preparation for shoulder stand, I started a discussion on the effects of this often feared, sometimes challenging but enormously beneficial pose. Shoulder stand in sanskrit is called: Salamba Sarvangasana. Translated, this means the whole body is supported on the neck and shoulders, using […]