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Clinical Pilates and the “core”

  Clinical Pilates and the “core” Clinical Pilates is the use of the Pilates method by a health professional such as a physiotherapist to address various musculoskeletal issues and movement dysfunctions, and is based on current scientific knowledge about the spine, biomechanics and core stability. Pilates is a tool to re-educate the body’s movement pattern […]

IMS/Dry Needling and acupuncture: What’s the difference?

IMS/Dry Needling and acupuncture: What’s the difference? Two questions that I am often asked by my patients are “ What is the difference between IMS (intramuscular stimulation) and traditional acupuncture?” and “How does IMS work?” The Difference IMS is a technique that was developed by a physician named Dr. Chan Gunn. It is a system […]

The “Abdominal” Truth!

The “Abdominal” Truth! Many new mums come to our clinic with a diagnosis of Diastasis Recti or abdominal muscle separation.( DRAM) This can be a stressful diagnosis to a busy mum keen to get her pre-baby tummy back. Embarking on random abdominal exercises, sit-ups etc are not the solution and can make the problem a […]

Healthy Dancer Program

Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor Susie Higgins presented this week at the International Dance Medicine conference in Pittsburgh; Susie’s topic was Scoliosis in the Adolescent Dancer. Astrid Sherman (director of Pro Arte Centre www.proarte.ca) and Susie Higgins provided a 20-minute presentation on Scoliosis in the Adolescent Dancer at IADMS (International Association of Dance and Sports Medicine) […]

Lifestyle Link! You are not your genes!

If you needed some powerful motivation to improve your lifestyle as we shift into a new season hear this! Dr. Dean Ornish and his Harvard colleagues have shown that up to 500 genes change their output when a person makes positive lifestyle changes such as improved diet, moderate exercise, meditation ands stress management. It’s exciting […]


As the first physiotherapist to complete the PosturePro Postural calibration program, I am very pleased with the results I am getting with this progressive and forward thinking work with my patients. Click here for some of my recent case histories and links to relevant websites.

On-line booking

In response to many clients asking for this option we are pleased to tell you that it will be available in September for existing clients. This will be a great convenience to those who get to their calendars in the evening when the office is closed, those to need to plan ahead for a series […]

Appointment record keeping

Are you a patient needing regular ongoing appointments?   We would remind you that it is your responsibility to make those appointments well ahead for yourself.   Our system only allows for bookings up to 3 months ahead. The information that you do not have any more appointments booked does NOT appear automatically. We recommend […]

Free Parking at Trimetrics

Parking is free in one of our 11 dedicated Trimetrics spaces # 42- 52, under the security gate ground level north side of building, or use free 2 hour parking on the street.

Sit less, stand more!

There has been lots of coverage in the media recently about “sitting as the new smoking“, the short and long term damage that excess sitting is doing to our skeletons as well as our metabolism. I have had excellent reviews from patients using this product, who want to reduce back pain by sitting less while […]

Trimetrics Price Adjustments March 1 2014.

Dear Clients, In response to the significant increases in costs of business, supplies and support services since our last price change in 2009, we find it necessary to make adjustments effective March 1, 2014. Please note that our rates are still well below the recommendations of the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia. Physiotherapy rates INCLUDE […]

Dundarave Festival of Lights!

Dundarave Festival of Lights! To express our appreciation to you and to give back to our local community in a meaningful way we have again sponsored a tree at the Festival.  Under the direction of the amazing Mary Markwick, this festival gets better every year bringing attention and funds to the Lookout Society while providing […]