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Young Athlete Injury Prevention Program

Injuries whether major or minor are a source of frustration, stress and anxiety and expense for the young athlete, coach and parents. Recurring injuries in particular can set a young athlete up for early joint and soft tissue degeneration and the necessity for surgical intervention at a much earlier stage of life. Athletes as young […]

Golf Conditioning Clinic Spring 2011 – Pilates for Golf

What if you could hit your golf ball consistently farther ,straighter ,with more accuracy, less pain and fewer injuries? Pilates for Golf is an exercise program developed with input from Butch Harmon, Golf Digests #1 Instructor. Our program builds strength and flexibility simultaneously, develops core strength, improves posture and alignment and creates stability. All the […]

Evidence that Pilates works for Pre and Post Natal fitness !

Shedding those extra pounds gained during pregnancy and returning to their pre-pregnancy figure as fast as possible is the goal most mums have after giving birth. Returning too soon to the wrong type of exercise may however present the new or often the experienced mum with a completely different set of problems, namely dealing with […]

Spinal Decompression

There is an interesting conversation going on around  the topic of spinal decompression treatment ( DRX 9000) being offered by some chirporactors.Patients are being asked to pre pay ( usually around $ 4000 ) with the carrot that the treatment is 89 % successful for  relief of back pain. From a physiotherapy perspective and my […]

1st Annual Women’s Health Symposium

Date: Saturday, April 17, 2010 Time: 8:30am-3:30pm Coffee & Lunch Included Cost: $45 per person Place: North Shore Winter Club – North Vancouver The 1st Annual Women’s Health Symposium has been created for women 40-55+ to address your health concerns and lifestyle questions as you enter and complete menopause. The day will include activities, laughter, learning […]

Womens Health Update

There is an emerging specialty within physiotherapy to address the unique needs of women’s bodies.In particular we assess and treat pre and post natal pelvic and spine malalignment and the muscle imbalances that inevitably follow childbirth and in mid life at menopause .Many women suffer needlessly from chronic lower back pain, sacro iliac instability incontinence,rectal […]

Congratulations to our S.F.U basketball athletes!

Dani Langford ( Registered Physiotherapist ) is the assistant head coach to the S.F.U girls basketball team.This weekend they competed  in the Canadian Intervarsity Sports Championships in Hamilton Ontario….making it to the finals on Sunday evening with an exciting win over Windsor University 76-56 !!   Robyn Buna was  voted MVP and Kate Hole  1st […]

Core power on the podium!

What a thrill to see Alexandre B thunder down the mountain to his gold medal victory this week…more thrilling to observe all the principals of core strength in action at such a high level of competition.The announcer whose commentary I listened to referred often to his ” calm quiet upper body ” and the perfect […]

Pre /Post Natal Back Pain and Fitness !

As a component of her physiotherapy  degree completion thesis ,Susie  is investigating the efficacy of   Pilates based exercise therapy on pre and post natal back pain. Many women who are  pregnant or have recently had a baby , are struggling (often silently ! )  with irritating  sacro -iliac,pelvic or lower back pain and or […]

Injury Prevention for young soccer players !

Do you have an enthusiastic  budding soccer or basketball player in your family ? If so ,you will be interested to know that research projects such as PEP and F.MARC have proven that injury prevention programs CAN successfully reduce the incidence of ACL ( Anterior Cruciate Ligament ) injuries in young female soccer players. If […]

Staff News: Suzanne Rodzoniak

With pleasure we welcome Suzanne to Trimetrics beginning February 8, 2010. Suzanne brings 23 years of expertise in orthopaedics and spine and sports medicine as well as certification in I.M.S ( Intramsucular stimulation).Suzanne has a passion for identifying to the true cause and source of a patient’s pain and dysfunction whether a high level athlete […]

New Beginnings on Harbourside Drive !

The launch of a new anything is always so very exhilarating  ! Whether its the arrival of a new baby, or completion of a home or the planning of the Olympic Games( go Canada !!), so much needs to happen behind the scenes during the preceding months  to prepare for that inevitable ” let’s go […]