June is Scoliosis Awareness Month!

scoliosiThe human spine is designed to have normal curves that go “ front to back “ to allow the spine the take the load of the head and organs to the pelvis for locomotion efficiently.

Scoliosis is described as an “ S “ curve that takes the spine into a sideways curve which shows up as one shoulder seeming higher than the other, one leg seeming longer and often a twist in the ribcage with a belly button that looks off centre.

Scoliosis is not always troublesome but for many people the asymmetry of the forces going through the body often starts to create pain due to muscle imbalance and joint breakdown by mid life. Rare cases require surgery (generally in teens) There was a time when school children were routinely checked but rarely now so if you would like to check your own child here is a link

In our experience over 12 years at Trimetrics the best results we have seen are with the implementation of a Pilates based spine exercise program which opens up the “ short “ side of the curves and strengthens the long weak side. We include Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS ) to help release chronically overworked muscles in conjunction with myofascial massage therapy.

For optimal results treatment is twice a week for 4- 6 months with maintenance program thereafter.

To sustain the corrections over time, in September we are adding an extra component long utilized in Europe,(but new to Canada), called Posturology.

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