Office Notes!

To serve you better, we are upgrading our appointment scheduling and billing system.

This new system will allow us to confirm your booked appointments by direct email instead of by phone call, saving the receptionists up to 90 minutes a day and freeing up phone lines for your incoming calls. If you would still prefer a phone call, just let us know and we are happy to accommodate.

We will also be able to email your treatment receipts and allow you to access your account at years end for those lost receipts.

To facilitate a smooth transition on February1,please let us know if there are any changes to your email address or phone numbers.

Parking Update! Harbourside Parking Update !
On December 1 2012 I added one more space for our patients at rear ob building bringing Trimetrics spots to a total of 9 ( stalls # 90 – 98 )
Parking @ TrimetricsResults are that :Last week, I attended a presentation by Concert Properties who plan to develop the entire south side of the street from Bodwell school to the yacht club if the OCP is approved.
The good news short term is that Lions Gate school vacate their lot in July and this is will be turned over for parking while constuction is underway.
Also the City is intending to create angle parking which will yield 50 % more spots on the street ( why did it take them so long ??!! )
More more information about the Concert project and the planned public presentations visit

Keep you updated as I learn more.

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