Open Studio for established clients !

Open Studio at Trimetrics

Picture yourself working out with your own private independent workout !
We are pleased to offer Open Studio for established clients who wish to come and work out independently with a customized program at specific times when there is equipment available in the clinic.
To access this program please let your instructor know your request,she will then create your program and teach it you in a booked one to one session.
This is not a substitute for your regular teaching but intended as an add on at times of your convenience and a lower price point, for those who want extra access to the equipment to augment their training.
You will be asked to sign a waiver for your safety.
How does it work ?
* If you are interested please check with your instructor that you are ready.
* Your instructor will then create your customized program and teach it to you in a booked one to one session,showing you the flow of exercises and how to adjust the equipment with safety as a focus.
* Your program is stored in a file folder for your reference and convenience for each visit.
* You will be asked to sign a waiver stating you are aware that you are working independently and will only follow the exercises you have been specifically taught. When you are ready for upgrades/ progressions just let you instructor know and she will add as needed.
* Supervision : there will always be staff on the floor with other clients. You will ot be disturbed unless there is an observable safety issue.

Open Studio Schedule :
Mondays : 7.30am/8.30am/7.30 pm
Tuesdays : 8.30 am/2.30pm/3/30 pm
Wednesdays : 7.30 am /8.30 am /3.30pm/6.30 pm
Thursdays :7.30 am /8.30 am/ 7.30 pm
Fridays : 8.30 am / 1.30 pm/4.30 pm/5.30 pm
Saturdays :9.30 am/10.30 am /12.30 pm/1.30 pm /2.30 pm

Fees : $ 18 + tax per session drop in
$ $ 160* + tax ,10 session drop in ( $ 16 per session )
$ 280 + tax, 20 session drop in ( $ 14 per session)

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