Breathing…what’s the point ?

Take 20 seconds to belly breathe !

How many breaths do you take in a day ? Doing the math you would discover that its actually approximately 20,00 per day ! While generally speaking ,breathing is an unconscious act we do simply to stay alive,taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide, there are huge ( and pretty instant ! ) mind and body benefits to breathing in a more aware conscious way even for short periods over the day or week.Were you aware that that the emotions you feel,especially stress,are reflected in your body’s chemistry on a moment by moment basis ? One of your body’s strongest responses to the sense of stress in your system is to elevate your cortisol levels.Secreted from your adrenal glands,this hormone when elevated for prolonged periods,acts in concert with other hormones in your body to create and stimulate the process of inflammation which underpins so many human illnesses as including heart disease,arthritis,auto immune disorders to name a few.
We now have a body of medical evidence that supports irrefutably that the act of CONSCIOUS BREATHING has a powerful and immediate effect on your body’s chemistry ! In as little as 20 seconds of deep breathing using your diaphragm and belly , and most importantly ,your focused ATTENTION to its gentle motion up and down in your belly,you can reduce your own blood pressure,pulse rate and respiration.You can cleanse your blood of lactate,and ( this is the juiciest piece ! ) increase the levels of your own ” happiness hormone ” serotonin ,from your brain.
That’s the point of CONSCIOUS breathing !