But HOW do I belly breathe ?

Belly breathe like a baby....anytime anywhere for instant stress reduction !

Now you have a strong sense of the very tangible and measurable benefits of this simple breathing technique lets chat about how easy the technique of belly breathing is to do.The simple motion of your diaphragm WITH your attention  to it, will bring you stress reduction anytime and anywhere.

Think of a baby or small child as they lie on their backs playing and kicking…they have an ease with their bellies that we can be in awe of !! This is the image that will help you to release that huge powerful diaphragmatic muscle.With so much focus in various sports and exercise on holding the belly in,its go good to just let it go ! While its ideal if you are resting on a sofa or bed,you can place your hands anywhere and anytime on your belly below your ribs. Bring your awareness to this possibility  at your desk, on the bus,waiting in your car at school pick up, in a waiting room, anywhere. Without working at it especially,the key word is  ALLOW. Allow the belly to inflate as you breathe in and deflate softly as you breathe out.For full benefit try to focus your thoughts only on that gentle rythmic motion,sending all other invading thoughts to one side for this short period.Be your belly.Be your own breath.

When you get more comfortable with this technique you can explore a wide selection of other types of breath work.You may choose to do breath work  simply as a vehicle to calm your own mind and body or to begin to train yourself as a step to a more committed practice that might include meditation Pilates or yoga .Regardless of your decision,its win win win once you begin to connect with your own breath.

Notice that within just 2-3 minutes your shoulders will be lower,neck  and jaws at ease,hands less gripped ,hips less stuck.