Clinical Pilates Exercise as a Physiotherapy service !

Clinical Pilates rehabilitation exercise may be covered as a physiotherapy service on your Extended Benefit Plan.

Clinical Pilates exercise (code PRE ) may be claimed under Extended Benefit Plans as a physiotherapy service @ Trimetrics Physiotherapy Clinic.
It is the rehabilitation exercise tool of choice at Trimetrics and is taught by both Registered Physiotherapists as well as Physical Therapy Assistants ( PTA )working always with the B.C College of Physiotherapists by-laws,under the supervision and direction of a Registered Physiotherapist.
Physical Therapy Assistants at Trimetrics are highly certified and experienced in rehabilitation and medical Pilates. They are members of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association as Physical Therapy Support Workers. They are fully insured.

There are criteria to be met in order for patients to avail of this service.

1. A physician referral is required, with a medical diagnosis ( pelvic malalignment ,neck /back pain, associated with e.g.pre post surgical / scoliosis / disc degeneration /pre post natal conditions/arthritis/ Parkinson’s disease etc
Physician Referral needs to request physiotherapy / core rehabilitation exercise .

2.You need to be first assessed and treated as needed by a Registered Physiotherapist who will determine if a Clinical Pilates exercise program is actually the treatment of choice to manage your complaint. If rehabilitation exercise is deemed to be the treatment of choice for you your physiotherapist will make a referral to the PTA.You may require a combination of regular physiotherapy ( manual therapy ,IMS,etc ) in conjunction with Clinical Pilates work.
Your physiotherapist will explain the results of your physiotherapy assessment, and then determine the number and frequency of sessions of physiotherapy and or Clinical Pilates training you need,( typically 4- 6 privates ) and clarify any limitations of contraindications.
At the conclusion of your initial Pilates sessions your Physiotherapist will reassess and determine the next steps of your rehabilitation. You may be ready to resume you sport,go back to gym etc.In some cases depending on diagnosis, your Physiotherapist may refer you back for further Pilates work.
You are welcome to continue your Pilates exercise after physiotherapy discharge as a fitness client which many of our clients do, as cross training with other forms of exercise.
This is not claimable as a physiotherapy service

3. As a PRE client, you will need to sign a consent form as required by the College of Physical Therapists of B.C. ,confirming that you are aware that your Pilates work is being taught to you by a PTA but that you are at all times under the supervision of a Registered Physiotherapist.

4. PTA will chart each session same as a regular physiotherapy appointment.

5. Cancellation policy : 24 hour cancellation policy applies to all scheduled appointments. Receipts for insurance purposes cannot be issued for booked missed sessions.

6.Fee : Clinical Pilates sessions are billed at the private Pilates training rate $ 90 /hour. No tax is applicable as it is a physiotherapy service.

7. Iyengar Yoga is taught by a Registered Physiotherapist as a physiotherapy service and therefore may also be covered.

Please check with your individual plan provider for the coverage you have available to you. We will work closely with your plan to ensure your goals are met.