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Upcoming Trimetrics Workshops !

With spring just a whisper away, we are excited to offer some new and forward thinking workshops to keep that New Year momentum going.

NEW ! We have new research from American obstetrician / gynaecologist and surgeon Dr Bruce Crawford MD FACOG
He has certified Trimetrics physiotherapists and Pilates instructors to teach his evidence based pelvic floor conditioning program called PFilates. In advance of the launch of this program we are hosting a unique workshop for women called “ Waterworks Demystified “ The information we present constitutes a huge game changer in the field of incontinence management, pelvic pain and women’s health. We are proud to be the FIRST physiotherapy clinic in Canada to bring Dr Crawford’s groundbreaking work to Trimetrics clients.

Golf season is here!(YES!) and our clients have asked us for a tune up …email us with times that work for you and we will provide group training times or private one to ones. Your preference.

Modern Meditation: If your interest has been tweaked by our Meditation Demystified pice last month ( and we know it was by the huge number of hits to Jonni’s article ),please visit her site. Brain health is getting huge attention in the medical world. Research indicates that meditation is the gateway to a range of benefits from stress management to memory improvement and much more.

Trimetrics Focus Group!
We are always keen to serve you better but to do this we need to connect with you to learn your needs and expectations. Leyla Dadashzdeh is a longstanding client and now a marketing major at Capilano University and she i son a mission....with rewards. We look forward to seeing you soon wherever your interest or needs lie.

Siobhan O’Connell Registered Physiotherapist, and Trimetrics Associates.

Waterworks Demystified! A Pelvic Floor Education Workshop for Women.

Date : Sunday March 4 Time : 3 – 5 pm
You are invited to a dynamic, interactive workshop for women to explain the pelvic floor muscle system and what happens to the body when it does not work as well as it should! Using 3D iPad anatomy images, you will get a clear picture of this muscular system.
We will address common conditions such as incontinence which a°ects one in three women, pelvic pain including coccyx pain, as well as dyspareunia whereby women experience painful sex.


Pilates for Golf Spring 2012

WHAT IF ….you could hit your ball CONSISTANTLY farther, faster, straighter and with more accuracy, less pain and fewer injuries?
Trimetrics Physiotherapy again offers Pilates for Golf exercise program to get you ready for the season ahead ! Pilates for Golf is a simple effective exercise program developed with input from Butch Harmon, Golf Digest’s # 1 Instructor.
Our program builds strength and flexibility simultaneously ,develops core strength,improves posture and alignment.
All the elements needed for a great swing as we integrate the most current medical research about the spine and core.


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PFilates / Pelvic Floor Exercise Conditioning Workshops

Trimetrics is pleased to present a 3 weeks progressive pelvic floor Conditioning program based on the research of Dr Bruce Crawford. We strongly advise that you have a one to one session with Kirsten Stalberg ,Registered Physiotherapist prior to registering especially if You have recently had surgery or given birth. We are offering both daytime as well as evening workshop times for your convenience


Trimetrics Focus Group

Dear Clients,
My name is Leyla Dadashzadeh. I am a Capilano University Business Student. I am conducting a research study with five of my classmates as a part of a requirement for our degree and Trimetrics has agreed to partner with us in this project.
Tirmetrics seeks to provide the highest quality of client service for their clientele.
We would like to invite to you to participate in a focus group to talk about the issue of Trimetrics client service.