Evidence that Pilates works for Pre and Post Natal fitness !

Shedding those extra pounds gained during pregnancy and returning to their pre-pregnancy figure as fast as possible is the goal most mums have after giving birth.
Returning too soon to the wrong type of exercise may however present the new or often the experienced mum with a completely different set of problems, namely dealing with back pain, leakage of urine , or even dropping of the uterus or other pelvic organs.
In a recent small research project as part of my online conversion course from a Diploma in Physiotherapy to a BSc in Physiotherapy, I looked at the effectiveness of a specific postpartum Pilates program compared with a postpartum boot camp.
In conclusion it was found that a specific postpartum Pilates program is more effective in providing women with the correct tools and strategies for optimum postpartum recovery and function than a specific postpartum boot camp. Knowing when to begin and how to train and progress your body safely is a very empowering tool and will help you to re-gain your pre-pregnancy body as quickly as possible.
Our postpartum classes run Wednesdays at 1.30. Class size limited , please contact Susie Higgins at the clinic for further details.
Pregnant and wanting to stay in shape? Our prenatal Pilates classes run Wednesday evenings at 5.30. Class size limited for optimum attention to detail and fun ! Please contact me at the clinic for further details.

Susie Higgins
Chartered Physiotherapist
Certified Body Control Instructor ( U.K )