Gifts of health !

The most valuable gift is always an experience….
In the spirit of an experience of relaxation, health and fitness we are pleased to offer gift certificates for any service at our clinic for someone you know could really benefit…private or a series of physiotherapy treatments, Pilates private session or package, massage therapy, lyengar Yoga or a full system assessment through the lens of a Chinese Medicine physician and acupuncturist.

We also have magical Warm Buddy products : neck and shoulder wraps, mini packs and warming blankets for children…Nordic Pole sets with a complimentary 30 minute lesson, Latex Gold organic pillows for the BEST sleep as well as handmade homeopathic Arnica, Muscle Relief and organic Epsom salts.

Reminder ! We are now registering for all Pilates and Iyengar Yoga classes for January 2012. Please let you instructor know have your requests asap as we are waitlisted for all programs.

Clinic is open between Christmas and New Year December 28,29,30,31 with Pilates and Yoga term resuming Tuesday January 3, 2012.