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parkingWe continue to lobby for improvements to street parking and encourage our clients who are taxpayers to the City of North Vancouver, to stay alert for decisions regularly made on their behalf, behind closed doors and without their input. We attach a copy of the recent response to our letter to the North Shore News and City Council from Natasha Elliott, EIT, B.A.Sc.
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Dear Ms. O’Connell,

Thank you for your e mail of March 23, 2016 about parking in the Harbourside area. Your inquiry has been referred to me for the response. Over the next several years, Harbourside is expected to transition from a primarily employment based area to a vibrant, active place where people live, work and visit. Hawkers Wharf at 925 Harbourside Drive is anticipated to open in 2016 and the re-development of the four empty lots owned by Concert Properties on the south side of Harbourside Drive is expected over a 10-year period. With the anticipated changes in the area, the City’s on-street parking management strategy needs to consider the needs of current and future users, while supporting City’s transportation goals and objectives.

On March 7, 2016, several options for on-street parking management in the Harbourside area were presented to Council and Option which includes combination of time-restricted and pay parking was endorsed. (See item 24 on the Council agenda package at http://www.cnv.org/-/media/city-of-north-vancouver/documents/council-meeting-agenda/2016/2016-03-07-regular-agenda-package-for-march-7-2016.pdf). The endorsed parking changes will be implemented in stages over the next several years depending upon the rate of the planned development and transportation changes in the area. For this year, we plan limited changes to the on-street parking regulations, mainly within the Auto Mall area. Pay parking would be implemented in future stages, in conjunction with the Concert Properties re-development for their frontage.

Pay parking can be an effective means of improving the availability of parking, however we acknowledge it may be perceived as penalising businesses and other users when there are limited options for travel by alternative modes. As such it is planned to implement pay parking once more transportation options are available. Improved transit services to the area committed by Concert Properties would commence with the issuance of the occupancy permit for Phase 1 of the Concert properties re-development. The City is also actively working towards starting construction on the Spirit Trail connection through the Mosquito Creek Marina in late fall 2016 with construction continuing into 2017. Once completed, this connection will provide easy access to Lonsdale Quay, a major transit hub.

As you are aware, on-street parking in the Harbourside area is almost fully occupied throughout the workday, with the busiest period during the mid-day, while off-street lots have 62% occupancy. In the Auto Mall loop, over 80% of on-street parking spaces were occupied by vehicles staying at least 6 hours, while for the rest of the area, over 70% of the on-street parking spaces were occupied by vehicles staying at least 6 hours. With only 410 on-street parking spaces compared to 1470 off-street parking spaces, the on-street parking supply is limited and cannot meet the needs of all. The provision of more short term on-street parking will encourage higher parking turnover and create more parking opportunities, whereas off-street parking is the best option for supporting longer-term parking users, such as employees. When managing the on-street parking supply the City aims to balance the short and long term parking needs of various users while supporting our transportation goals and objectives.

In locations where there are no time restrictions, RVs are permitted to park for up to 24 hours. City bylaws staff has been actively monitoring the area to ensure compliance with the parking regulations. I have shared your concerns with Guy Gusdal, Manager Bylaw Services and if you have further concerns regarding City Bylaws please contact Guy Gusdal at [email protected] or 604 983-7307.

If you have any further questions regarding parking please contact me directly.

Natasha Elliott, EIT, B.A.Sc.
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