Healthy Dancer Program

Healthy Dancer ProgramPhysiotherapist and Pilates instructor Susie Higgins presented this week at the International Dance Medicine conference in Pittsburgh; Susie’s topic was Scoliosis in the Adolescent Dancer. Astrid Sherman (director of Pro Arte Centre and Susie Higgins provided a 20-minute presentation on Scoliosis in the Adolescent Dancer at IADMS (International Association of Dance and Sports Medicine) at their annual conference in Pittsburgh.

Scoliosis is very prevalent in dance and the reasons for this manifold. However this should not stop anyone from dancing. They explained the most common issues associated with scoliosis and how they affect the dance student in dance. They singled out one particular very classical dance element – the arabesque – and how as a team (dance teacher, physio movement therapist and dance student) they can help to cue / adapt technique and choreography to make this a successful movement for the dance student with scoliosis.

Lastly they discussed how as a team of therapists and teachers, they can help this student manage their issues with a daily exercise program and overall help to either halt or slow down the progression of scoliosis. Susie also presented a poster presentation on the injury prevention-screening program that is in place at Pro Arte Centre as part of their Healthy Dancer program, which drew a lot of interest and questions from their American colleagues.

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