How to have a great sleep !

A good night’s sleep is a true gift. Many patients I see complain that they cannot get comfortable in bed. They wake up with painful stiff necks each morning which can eventually lead to the need for physiotherapy,massage or chiropractic.They can spend lots of money on various pillows and pillow forms in an attempt to find that  perfect one which will deliver the peaceful sleep that they are craving.  The business of sleep is complex. Pain,stress and anxiety are all significant factors which can block the brain from achieving that state of deep rest.From a mechanical perspective, spinal bones which are correctly aligned  from neck to pelvis will result in relaxation of muscles and an ease of motion in the mornings.I have researched and tried many types of pillows over the years. Memory foam and plasma type materials ( especially those made before 2010 ) contain PBDE ,a chemical flame retardant known to off gas at night time…not what we want our faces or those of our families, to be resting on and inhaling all night..High quality down fillings are more safe and clean but allergy is a common problem. The material I use myself and recommend for patients is 100 % natural latex. I love it for its flexibility and density. I recommend my patients to place one latex pillow on top of a flatter one so that all the neck ( cervical ) bones are correctly stacked up,jaw is fully supported and muscles can relax fully. A body pillow is a delicious extra of lower back or sacro iliac pain is an issue.Us it to relax your top arm and top leg on ( including your ankle and foot so there is no pull into your spine. )

Add some gentle ( diaphragmatic ) belly breathing,release  all thoughts of the day  and away you go….

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