Integrated Pre and Post Natal Services @ Trimetrics Physiotherapy

Integrated Pre-Post NatalIntegrated Pre and Post Natal Services @ Trimetrics Physiotherapy.
As both therapists and mums, we understand that preparing and recovering from the arrival of a new baby is a complicated on many levels. For some of us, just achieving pregnancy is itself a challenge. Not every “ body “ is a natural when it comes to carrying a child to term especially if we come to pregnancy with injuries or just a spine that’s had some mileage already.
Delivery brings its own challenges and no two are ever the same.
To address the issues of the pre and post natal woman, the team at Trimetrics has brainstormed to bring this group of deserving women a truly integrated care plan addressing the physical, hormonal and spiritual aspects of health.
Our goal is that our mums can feel strong, be pain free and centered in the experience of motherhood both before and after baby regardless of whether its your first or fifth.

Hands on assessment of pelvic bones, spine, past injuries. Whether you are preparing for arrival of your baby or recovering, your pelvis has undergone many changes especially laxity of ligaments. This leads to an overall hyper mobility of the bones, back pain, poor pelvic floor function and inability to run and exercise properly.
Lets “make it right” by working on correct alignment, strengthening weak muscles including pelvic floor as well as overall conditioning. Post partum coccyx pain is a common and disabling issue, which is easily, corrected using internal myofascial techniques.

Real Time Ultrasound to assess your “core “ muscles, pelvic floor, deep spine etc.
This is an opportunity for you to see your own muscles in action in real time. Lets see what is actually working,” over working” or just plain not turned on at all.
This assessment will give us some precise information about which muscles in YOUR body. We are especially interested in a common condition called diastases recti (separation of the rectus abdominal muscles).This is visible and measurable on ultrasound. With the results from this assessment, we can tailor a customized exercise program for you teaching you the correct exercise while you look at your own muscles as they perform on the screen before you.

Pilates based full body exercise to strengthen spine, pelvis, pelvic floor hips for a delivery that you can prepare for and recover from quickly regardless of delivery method.

Acupuncture / Chinese Medicine:
Hormonal imbalance causing irregular periods, miscarriage, endometriosis not to mention the attendant stress that these issues cause, etc can often be an obstacle to even getting pregnant. Traditional Chinese acupuncture with herbal support can contribute hugely to the regulation of cycles and reduction of stress to facilitate a successful pregnancy.
Acupuncture support after delivery assists the body to return to a naturally balanced state which one would imagine is a given but not always. Birth stress and trauma, sleep loss and altered sleep patterns and post partum hormonal imbalances, are all now thought to be contributors to post natal depression

Massage :
Massage therapy will address issues of fascial restrictions which can pull bones out of alignment, create muscle tension and generate pain. Bones and organs (especially coccyx, uterus and bladder) can be dragged out of alignment with the weight of a baby. Our qualified massage therapists and physiotherapists are trained in visceral osteopathic work and can help you if you are struggling with these issues pre or post pregnancy.

Modern Meditation.
Dr Jonni Gray is an established experienced psychotherapist and meditation teacher.
Meditation has been shown to have huge benefits promoting calm of mind, improved concentration and reduction in the body’s experience of stress both pre and post natally.
Many clients who have had miscarriage or are experiencing the stress of actually achieving pregnancy find learning a gentle meditation practice greatly assists the body’s stress systems to relax, which in turn helps the hormonal system work with much less resistance. Visit her website for details about her programs and services.