Introducing Osteopathy and Adam Ridgewell

Adam Ridgewell, DOMP, Posturologist.

Osteopathic medicine has been around North America and Europe since the late 1800s! Osteopathic philosophy and principles suggest that bodily structures and their function are interrelated and interdependent. Osteopaths use skilled, hands-on techniques to restore optimal function and balance in the body’s bones, muscles, soft tissues and related organ systems!

I grew up in Southern Africa playing rugby, basketball and soccer. From an early age I made the connection between health status and performance, but only fully realized this later in life, which has helped me immensely in my chosen career path. I am also the proud father of two amazing teenage boys. In 2004, I graduated out of the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in the UK. Along with a focussed, active lifestyle, I have been practising and fine-tuning my own Osteopathic treatment and understanding since graduating.

Now, this continuing evolution has allowed me to use a “neuro-biological” approach (aka: Posturology) integrating the body and brain. This allows me to get faster results for postural imbalances, sports performance challenges and difficulties with pain management. By addressing the causal link between dysfunctional brain-body sequencing and related movement impairments and/or pain, patients can become more functional and learn better pain management, over a shorter period of time.

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