Know your core! Real Time Ultrasound for accurate core evaluation

Know your coreKnow your core! Real Time Ultrasound for accurate core evaluation

No more assuming, guessing and hoping that your client is in fact engaging abs spine and pelvic floor muscles effectively!
Real Time Ultrasound is a safe, non-invasive powerful, fast, visual feedback tool for you and your client to target unilateral weakness, OR over functioning abdominal, pelvic floor or deep spine muscles.
Muscle imbalances generate chronic soft tissue and joint pain, recurring injuries and diminished sports performance.
This assessment will produce immediate results in your client’s performance and effectiveness in training and conditioning whether for sports or pain management.
Trimetrics Physiotherapy is pleased to offer, for the first time in Vancouver, Real Time Ultrasound Assessment as a one-time consultation.

We invite you as a physiotherapist, chiropractor, kinesiologist or strength coach, to accompany your client to be tested at Trimetrics by a Registered Physiotherapist, certified in RTUS.
Together we observe your client’s core function under ultrasound.
Using this feedback, we teach the client the necessary corrective strategies on the spot to be progressed by you as the therapist, as required.
Clients, without exception love and highly value the experience and therapists and trainers enjoy the enhanced information they receive about their clients muscles systems.

Who can benefit?

Clients with:
• Recurring cervical/ thoracic/ SI / spine / hip • Pre /post spinal surgery: discectomy, spinal fusion.
knee / ankle pain and/or chronic injury. • Pre postnatal regardless of delivery method
• Clients post abdominal /thoracic surgery • Pre / post hip knee replacement
• Chronic overuse injuries • Post MVA

RTUS Assessment: 60 minutes $150 billed to your client.
Fee may be recovered as a physiotherapy service if your client has Extended Benefit plan.

Please call 604 982 0366 or email [email protected] for appointment with our RTUS Registered Physiotherapists Jessi Thompson or Kirsten Stalberg