New protocols Trimetrics May 2020

There are some changes to comply with WorkSafe and ministry guidelines: your specific instructions for coming into your appointments will be viewable when you book online with Jane.

1. We ask that you stay in your car until 2 minutes before your appointment time and then come up.
2. Wash your hands or use the Sani station by the elevators before you enter the clinic.
3. Please wear a mask (cotton or paper your choice) when you enter.
4. If not done online already you will be asked to sign a consent to treatment given the nature of the clinic work we cannot guarantee social distancing
5. As there is limited seating in the waiting room so if its occupied please wait by the door at the assigned spot for our therapist to come for you.
6. Please come unaccompanied unless you have mobility issues. Your assistant will also need to comply with our safety protocols.
7. One person only at the desk at a time .Our receptionist will attend to you from behind the Plexiglas safety screen.
8. To minimise contact at the desk we are encouraging online booking and contactless payments
9 We are working to contactless payments and high security credit card storage with TD our bank so over time less desk contact is needed.
10 Where possible, we are requesting you use your Debit card to help us keep our overhead costs down as we work to recover from the losses of the past months. Visa/MC charge a huge1.75% per transaction but a debit transaction is only 50 cents.
11 Credit cards on file: where this is your choice, we have engaged a high security plan with TD our bank to safely store your information so you can leave the clinic quickly after your treatment.
12 Pilates clients: we request you wear your own non-stick socks or purchase ours for your sessions. Bring gloves if you prefer not to handle equipment or we have rubber gloves on standby. Bring only your basics (water, phone, keys no big bags) to the studio to place under the reformer as lockers are also not available for social distancing. Follow the green footprints to the Pilates waiting area for groups.