Our New North Shore!

trafficWe can’t deny it. As North Shore residents we are each experiencing a new and very uncomfortable paradigm getting ourselves from place to place with increased LA style traffic, shortage of parking and delays due to unsolicited construction and no sensible infrastructure to support it.

This is now a fact, NOT a passing trend or the odd “ bad day “ as we knew in past years. Since the development decisions have been made largely without our input as residents and taxpayers, we now have no choice, but to adapt.

As Trimetrics practitioners, we endure the same pressures with traffic. We are working diligently to ensure your experience with us is as smooth and productive as possible. To facilitate efficiency with your appointments, we ensure we are punctual for your appointments. We offer 13 FREE parking spaces. This is essential, so that we can pack your valuable time with the assessment, treatment and education you need to secure the results you want.

We would ask in return that you allow yourself that extra 20 – 30 minutes of time that our “new North Shore” demands, so that you can get to us, park and be punctual for your appointments. Driving with a few extra minutes to spare can allow for a little more awareness and perhaps reduce likelihood of accidents all round.

We also ask that you leave the clinic after your session to free up parking for incoming patients. If you need to walk a dog or meet a friend, we would greatly appreciate it you can vacate our spaces and park on the street or in the guest spots at rear of our building.

Thank you.