Pelvic Malalignment

Pelvic malalignment refers to incorrect anatomical positioning of the pelvic bones. This is a very common finding in physiotherapy clinics when patients present with back pain.When the bones of the pelvic bowl are not symmetrically balanced the entire spine can be affected resulting in injuries in the neck,shoulders,ribs,hips knees ankles and feet.If we think of the pelvis as the base into which the spine is installed ( almost like the base into which a Christmas tree is placed ! ) its easy to visualize the potential for dysfunction. The pelvic bones are connected to the sacrum,spine and hips with a series of thick strong ligaments.Ligaments are sensitive to hormonal changes so that its more common to have ligament sprains at times in life when the body’s hormonal system in undergoing  flux. This sensitivity appears in the form of  laxity rendering the spine and pelvis more prone to injury especially of the supporting core muscles system is not as strong as it needs to be. Hence we see athletic adolescent girls and boys,pre natal and menopausal women are especially prone to the pelvic bones ” going out ” causing painful movement .Left untreated over time,this can lead to soft tissue breakdown in the spine ( including disc stress ) and hips knees and feet.Malalignments can also be caused by falls ( especially to one side ie snowboarding ) and a myriad of sports injuries.Its also thought that the sacrum and pelvic bones can be subtly dragged out of position where there has been  post surgical or post natal internal organ( uterus,bladder and lower intestine ) scarring and mal positioning.

Registered Physiotherapists at Trimetrics are trained to assess and treat these problems using gentle hands on techniques,myofacsial release,visceral manipulation and of course,therapeutic pelvic floor  and full core exercise work.Clinical Pilates work is our exercise tool of choice once the pelvis is  correctly aligned.Pilates work,effectively  instructed,builds pelvic floor,abdominal,hip,spine and shoulder girdle strength so that the pelvic bones are supported internally as well as externally.From that strong base our clients are ready to run,jump,ski,dance,bike and enjoying life without pain!

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