Real Time Ultrasound Imaging for Core Evaluation…now available @ Trimetrics !

Real Timre Ultrasound

Real Timre Ultrasound

Did you know that with the technology provided by Real Time Ultrasound Imaging we now have the ability to see clearly and in the moment, “ The  Core “muscles of the abdominal wall ,pelvic floor, spinal muscles, as well as the pelvic organs ?

Research has shown that as therapists and trainers, just our  basic observation alone of the action of these vital deep muscles can be unreliable. To effectively and accurately assess  whether or not these key   muscles are in fact turned on ,not turned on or as is the case often TOO turned on ( overactive) we need to view them under ultrasound both at rest and in action.

This is crucial information for us to have, given that muscle imbalances of these deep abdominal and spinal

muscles cause a wide range of spine, pelvi,c and  hip issues with implications for the ribcage ,breathIng mechanisms  and neck also.

This information is especially  key to us to to the much higher liklihood of repeated episodes of debilitating back pain, cumulative weakness, disc sacroiliac ,hip knee and ankle breakdown not to mention the general  deconditioning  and psychological aspects we know accompanies chronic pain.

We are now using RTUS to bring a new level of precision to our physiotherapy and clinical Pilates patients at Trimetrics.

We will  specifically target all new patients referred for back pain,pelvic pain, post surgical spine surgery,post natal ,and post pelvic floor repairs. We will also assess existing patients who we feel could benefit from an even more tailored exercise approach .The technology allows us to image the muscles at rest and in action ,not just in a treatment room but also on the Pilates equipment and floor.

Kirsten Stalberg and I received certification in RTUS by Jackie Whittaker B.ScPT, FCAMT , CGIMS PhD candidate.WE are excited to be offering this service to our patients  who are fascinated to be able to see their own muscles in action. We are using Esaote MyLab 5 which offers the highest resolution images currently available .

For more information and wonderful images please visit  Jackie Whittakers most  comprehensive site  visit