Scoliosis Program @ Trimetrics


Young scoliosis client loving his rib /hip stretch on the Pilates spine corrector. This is an essential piece of Pilates equipment we use for opening tight spine curves as well as strengthening deep abs.

We are seeing more and more patients with spine, hip, knee and shoulder problems as a result of scoliosis (side curvature of the spine). This abnormal curve, even in small degrees can generate muscle imbalances leading to headaches, back pain and breakdown in other parts of the body. In severe cases breathing and digestion can be affected as a result of the rotation of the rib cage which can drag vital organs into abnormal positions.

Some scoliosis curves progress at a rapid rate and may require surgery to restore the correct spine alignment.

The good news is that the Trimetrics team (Registered Physiotherapists and Rehabilitation Pilates Instructors) is unique in Canada as we fully equipped to provide you with therapy AND expert training whether you are managing your scoliosis with exercise only or actually requires surgery.

We provide pre surgical rehabilitation work( “ pre hab “ ) to optimally prepare the patients muscles, joints ,and of course psyche, for the surgery and what to expect with post op rehabilitation. Research has shown that this pre surgical preparation positively influences surgical outcomes across a wide range of operations. These include stress reduction, need for less pain medication, less muscle wasting and speedier recovery of muscle strength and endurance with earlier mobility.

Pilates equipment (Reformer, Chair, Trap Table and Barrel) are all excellent tools with which to lengthening tight spine curves, train or retrain weakened layers of the deep spine muscles and pelvic floor, reduce pain, and help to equalize load on hips, knees and feet for sport and fitness. Its important to work to reducing risk of asymmetrical wear and tear/overuse patterns over time with corrected gait patterns for walking, running, skiing etc.

Scoliosis treatment programs may be short or long term depending on the severity of the curves. We work closely with orthopedic specialists and your x-ray measurement to design the most functional program in the clinic at home.

If you have an interest in this topic, enjoy these YouTube link, which help you to visualize what a scoliosis curves looks like.

Thanks to my client Farzaan for showing the spine stretch he loves as a warm up to his Pilates session with his instructor Clinton.

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