Staff News: Kay Leong

Staff News: Kay LeongKatherine (Kay) Leong, Certified Pilates Instructor.

Kay is amongst the few to receive certification by renown master teacher, Dianne Miller after successfully completing a rigorous and lengthy 2 1/2 year internship teacher training programme. Although Ms Miller remains a major influence, Kay believes it is important to draw from other sources to better understand varying issues presented by each client.

With her classical orientation, she is influenced by 1st generation teachers,Ron Fletcher, Eve Gentry and continues to expand her knowledge in workshops with Jose Marie Blom-Lawrence and Michelle Larsen. Her current interests is work by Thomas Myers on fascia and Pilates and learning more on the aging population and injury prevention.

As a former professional dancer and after sustaining a serious injury, Kay experienced first hand the important role of Pilates in rehabilitation. Her goals are to provide supportive, beneficial classes to assist recovery and foster body awareness to avoid further injury and compensations. She believes teaching is a process of understanding the individual and she is capable of providing personal attention and address individual client issues in a group class.

Kay is also capable of offering challenging classes for core conditioning and injury prevention and has taught a wide spectrum of clients from young ballet students at Goh Ballet, elite athletes to senior golfers in their 70ʼs at Shaunessy Golf Club.

Trained as a dancer from a young age, Kay has a developed eye for proper alignment and understanding of movement anatomy. She is known for her detailed, careful and supportive instruction and strives to assist clients to experience the joy of efficient, natural movement in her classes and in their life.

Kay had a very varied and interesting background. She was a Social Worker, then owner of the reputable, South China SeasTrading Co. in Granville Island and served as Board Director of VanCity Credit Union. She now devotes her time to her passion, personally practising Pilates for 15 years and teaching. She also loves to cook,
research and write about food, occasionally contributing to local publications. She has a collection of over 600 cookbooks.

Kay looks forward to welcoming you in one of her Pilates classes.