Staff News: Romney Pearson

Staff News: Romney Pearson Romney Pearson, Pilates Instructor

Since starting dance at an early age, body movement has always been an integral part of Romney’s lifestyle, and becoming a Pilates instructor has proven to be a natural transition. In 2008 she received her first level of comprehensive training with Peak Pilates and has been working as an instructor ever since. Romney has found a true passion in helping others improve their physical health and well being and has found the Pilates method to be one of the best avenues to accomplish those goals.

“In my experience there is an amazing mental and physical healing that can cultivate with the practice of Pilates, and I strive to help my students experience that in their own way. One of my goals as an instructor is to slowly break down the barrier that separates a Pilates session from everyday experience, showing clients that the concepts they learn in class really can and do apply to daily life.”

Over the past year, Romney has placed more of a focus on the rehabilitation side of Pilates and is very excited to be joining the Trimetrics team to further her passion in this area. She looks forward to working with you and helping you accomplish your goals.