Trimetrics Price Adjustments March 1 2014.

Dear Clients,
In response to the significant increases in costs of business, supplies and support services since our last price change in 2009, we find it necessary to make adjustments effective March 1, 2014. Please note that our rates are still well below the recommendations of the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia.

Physiotherapy rates INCLUDE :
* Provision of needles and all supplies needed for IMS/Acupuncture,
* Kinestiotaping and / or other taping as needed.
* Real Time Ultrasound Core Assessment.
* Video taping of your exercise programs.
* Any and all photos of your exercise work.
* Emails, letters, reports or phone calls to you, your physicians, and coaches a fter our business hours.

60 mins $150
45 mins $115
30 mins $80.

Private Pilates :  55 mins $95.
Welcome to Pilates! Introductory package 4 sessions( fitness )  $340 + tax ($85 per session)
10 session pre paid fitness package $900 + tax. ($90 per session)
No changes to semi private, group training, Open Studio or mat class pricing.