Urban/Nordic Poling ( and much much more !! ) with Freshairlife !

Fall has to be a  perfect  a time for new beginnings !

This morning was a warm soft one,leaves  just thinking about shifting tones and the sun just that bit lower in the sky as I drove to the Seymour Demonstration Forest for my first urban poling walk with the dynamic Jennifer Hewlett ,founder of Freshairlife here in N.Vancouver.(For more on Jennifer’s work and her huge vision for health,fitness and social give back please visit her site www.freshairlife.ca)

My mission today was to explore the possible benefits of walking/hiking and soon snowshoeing with poles in my hands as opposed to just a normal  walking  pattern with the basic arm swing. Jennifer gave me some basic instruction and away we went into the forest. I was immediately impressed by the work my shoulders and in particular triceps had to do and those oblique abdominals as they worked to hold that steady pelvis we are always aspiring to in Pilates training.

I could immediately see the potential to increase balance,strength,stamina and core strength in a totally holistic way while exploring the paradise that is the North Shore .

There is an Irish saying “ Giorionn beirt bothar ” translated means ” two shorten the road ” ….

Our kilometres ( ? 4 or 5 ) flew by as our group of ladies chatted,laughed and planned for the days ahead.

I enjoyed the ease of comradeship of strangers and the shared pleasure of an autumn walk in the woods,loving the added work that my poles gave to my spine,hips and shoulders,that little extra cardio work that a regular walk just does not deliver…a wonderful new dimension to walking as exercise that I can see can benefit  many people of all ages and abilities, as cross training with other exercise or as a workout in itself.

How wonderful those poles are going to be for snowshoeing…