Why is my posture bad? What is Posturology?

posture“Why do I shock myself when I see myself in photos or in a store window ? I know that as well as causing me pain and stiffness it is preventing me from feeling and performing physically at my best. I feel it. I know it.I am frustrated having physic, chiro, massage all with short term benefits… is there anything I can for a more long term fix ?”

This were the opening words of a new patient I saw last week.

Here is the conversation we had to explain…
Nobody consciously chooses to head a head that sits too forward, a mid spine hump, a lower back that’s too curvy, knees that ” lock” or feet that are flat or too arched. Nobody wants to feel a stiff sore body at the end of a day. On some level we remember a time when we moved with ease and joy as children so what happened ?
The answer is as simple as it is sophisticated.
From a medical perspective we are told that that our spines are intrinsically defective and we are doomed to a lifetime of pain and the need for constant consulations with a host of well intentioned professionals.Nothing could be further from the scientific truth.

Neuroscience from Europe dating back 90 years has shown that in fact we humans have evolved an extremely efficient postural system,designed to ensure we are as efficient as possible in the daily work of standing sitting exercising with the least possible expense of energy.This is the science of Posturology,currently spearheaded by renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr Bernard Bricot,University of Marseilles France.

He showed in his studies that the 10 % of the population with normal spine alignment rarely  suffer body pain!

For those of us in the 90%,we have a proven effective treatment approach that I will be offering starting September 2013.

Here is some background….

Posture photo

The postural system has 4 sensors that feed information about our external world to the brain

The organs that intake information to the brain are the eyes,feet,jaws and the skin.These ” sensors ” are designed to intake information about our envoirnment,communicate with each other and without our conscious awareness moement by moment ,to send this information to the brain so it can repsond with efficiency ensuring we expend as little energy as possible.

Blocks to this beautiful system working as it should ,can arise from :

1 Eyes that do not work together as a coordinated unit.We would assume that eyes must work together as a team but on testing this is rarely the case. The problem has been traced back to us as babies for a range of reasons.Eyes that cannot converge can generate headaches,head tilt,shoulder tilts etc

2 Feet that are too flat,arched or mismatched ( one supinated foot with one pronated )

3 Jaw and bite mechanismns that do not work symmetrically. Malocclusions,overbite,jaw pain and snoring are all reflections of a postural system out of balance.Causes of these imbalances are also related to the development of the mouth in infancy.

4 Scars on the skin due  to injury or surgery disrupt information to the brain causing a head forward posture if scars are on front of body.

5 Metals in the body ( mercury fillings,pins,plates) generate thier own force fields ( microgalvanisms ) that also cause mis information to be sent to the brain triggering muscle weakness or tightness depending on whether the scar is located above or below the diaphragm.

The good news is that Posturology is the assessment and treatment tool of choice to analyse and permanently correct alignment issues to reduce chronic pain, improve movement,balance,proprioception,depth perception and sports performance. There are also huge benefits to recalibrating the system for brain efficiency and cognition.

For more information please visit these sites :

www.posturepro.ca. This is the website of my instructor and mentor  osteopath ,Annette Verpillot

www.matobule.com This is the website of my instructor and mentor osteopath Mat Boule.

www.allsystemsfo.info/posturology.php : website of a New York based Posturology consultant whose graphics and text explaining the concepts are excellent.