Womens Health Update

There is an emerging specialty within physiotherapy to address the unique needs of women’s bodies.In particular we assess and treat pre and post natal pelvic and spine malalignment and the muscle imbalances that inevitably follow childbirth and in mid life at menopause .Many women suffer needlessly from chronic lower back pain, sacro iliac instability incontinence,rectal and vaginal pain where some strategic interventions can alleviate discomfort and correct the issues. We evaluate the position and function of uterus,bladder,coccyx and lower intestine which frequently can be damaged as as a result of caesarian delivery,hysterectomy ,falls or sports injuries.Treatment techniques include spine mobilisation or manipulation,myofascial release and visceral osteopathy.Acupuncture as a modality for pain management as well as relaxation and stress management in conjunction with other  techniques mentioned  are  highly effective tools.

Success for you as a client,lies in our expertise in listening closely to you ,assessing your issues as precisely as possible  and then creating the most effective care plan to help you meet your goals.

We offer a Pilates based exercise program to strengthen the pelvic floor,spine and limbs.In our experience this is a precise and integrated approach  in helping a woman return to an active, fit comfortable lifestyle.
Women’s Health is an ares of special interest to Kirsten Stalberg,Registered Physiotherapist who has specific training in each of the above modalities.Kirsten is  available for appointments Monday to Friday 7am- 2pm.