Young Athlete Injury Prevention Program

Injuries whether major or minor are a source of frustration, stress and anxiety and expense for the young athlete, coach and parents. Recurring injuries in particular can set a young athlete up for early joint and soft tissue degeneration and the necessity for surgical intervention at a much earlier stage of life. Athletes as young as 35 (weekend warriors as well as professional) are now receiving partial and full hip replacement surgery frequently as a result of injuries sustained due to muscle imbalances and overuse.

is again offering a COMPLIMENTARY 30 minute biomechanical evaluation of your athlete for the months of September and October only. The value of these sessions is normally $75 per 30 minute session.

Biomechanical evaluation will screen your athlete for structural imbalances including :

  • Scoliosis (side curve of the spine )
  • Abnormal Kyphosis (upper back curve )
  • Abnormal Lordosis (lower back curve)
  • Neck Shoulder Hip Pelvic Knee and Foot alignment
  • Muscle imbalances, that left unchecked, can lead to
  • shoulder, spine hip knee and repeated ankle sprains.

Objectives : Dani Langford, Registered Physiotherapist, Athletic Coach, Assistant Coach to the SFU Women’s basketball team and Certified Pilates Instructor, will assess your athlete and identify any and all issues that could possibly contribute to injury.

Benefits : Dani will provide your athlete with a customized handout addressing his/her specific findings and, where indicated, referral to other practitioners (orthotics, massage, physiotherapy.)

Appointments : Please call reception at Trimetrics : 604 982 0366 for your appointment. Dani is available on Tuesdays Fridays and Saturdays.